Designer of the month in February: Hitka Viktória

Designer of the month in February: Hitka Viktória

Every month since 2009, WAMP has been introducing designers who elevate the market hype to share more about a designer than just his or her products. With her stunning and lovely snowballs and with her unique and cute dollhouses, Hitka Viktória is the Designer of the Month! Her works are compulsory for everyone with kids, and who love fairytales and romance!


Snowballs and dollhouses
Nowadays she is mostly working on her snowballs with the motto: “balls and not exactly balls with and without snow”. “That is a kind of explanation of what I’m doing right now. It means that I put stories, situations and thoughts into glass balls.”

Viki usually works on things that she’s interested in: paintings, snowballs, embroidered napkin-diaries, or dollhouses for children. “These dollhouses have souls. That is what I have missed from the ones that can be bought in the shops. I think, to have a soul, is vital for a real dollhouse. Parents and children can create the house they want themselves. I put together every piece according to the will of the customer. Each and every dollhouse is a unique piece. They can choose the tapestry, the pictures that go to the walls, the colour of the furniture, the mood of the rooms – just like in a real house.”


She graduated from the University of Fine Arts as a restorer and fine artist. Viki, herself, has a unique way of thinking about this title: “If I knew exactly what a fine artist does then I could say that I am one of them. Or I would be absolutely against it.


About Viktória
„It is worth to know of the artist that she paints different peridos of her life besides her several other projects.”


Her favourites
She does not have any favourites: “I like the objects themselves. I like them because of their history and stories, not because of the one who has designed them.”


“At WAMP many people thought that I sell little aquariums and they were looking for the goldfish inside them. The best thing is when I create a snowball almost just out of the blue sky, based on the thoughts that I have in my head at the moment, then someone comes along, sees the ball and finds her own story in it.”


“Everything and anything could be an inspiration. It depends on how I wake up.”


2005 and 2007: Glatz Oszkár award


About WAMP
She has never thought about going to the design fair, then she came up with the idea of the snowballs and after that WAMP became an obviuos choice. “I love it because of the immediate contact with the buyers.”