Designer of the month in September: Gyöngyvér Gaál - Jeweler


Every month since 2009, WAMP has been introducing designers who elevate the fair hype to share more about a designer than just his or her products. A grass ring, snail ring, slide-framed, and heart-shaped necklace Gyöngyvér Gaál jewelry designer shows a little twist in all her designs. This designer of the month, September edition, was one of the very first people to attend WAMP and she has been back periodically ever since. Just recently the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts purchased items from Gyöngyvér to display in their permanent contemporary collection. She says she likes when her jewelry goes to a good place. Take a peek at her exceptional work and branding.



There is a sense of dichotomy about Gyöngyvér’s objects; the silver and precious stone materials take on simple, rectangular shapes while contrasting in colors or the soft curves of the stones. She often over-exaggerates one feature of her materials for example the rose, the heart of the precious stone. "My favorite jewelry is the ring. I like to design rings the most and make them stand upright.”


Ars poetica

"I rarely design a collection of rings, earrings and necklaces together, because I feel that one powerful jewelry can be enough for styling a person.”


Gyöngyvér claims no favorite designer, but rather appreciated them on an individual basis. "I find jewelry intriguing when its pushing some sort of Boundary may it be use of materials or size, even if it ends up being occasional/formal wear.”

Quote from artist

"I enjoy when an object has some humor about it or when it tells a story. I mostly create such pieces for representational art shows.”


Quote about the artist

Gyöngyvér Gaál’s red heart necklace and grass ring were a big success. You can find a mixture of old form, retro style and different materials in her works. She employs strong contrasts (red flower in green grass, or black necklace with vibrant, red heart) and intends her work for the modern woman. She generally imagines her work for herself and then creates her unique pieces.

"Most of her work is not just unique and clever but wearable, even if its for special occasions. [...] My favorite Gyöngyvér Gaál jewelry was a necklace that had a huge coral medal hanging not in the center around the neck, but off to the left above the heart.



"It is interesting to see and hear the reactions of customers when they take my jewelry into their hands sometimes even giggling. I especially enjoy knowing that a particular piece of jewelry is ending up with the right customers. It makes me think: match made in heaven.”

During one design market, a middle aged, average looking woman ended up selecting her grass ring. "It genuinely surprised me, because I would expect someone to be very extravagant to wear this piece. I was especially surprised when I found out that she is an educator. I immediately imagined her entering a classroom full of students with a little frame on her hand.”

Pride plaque

Recently the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts purchased items from Gyöngyvér to display in their permanent contemporary collection.