Designer of the month in August: Sándor Lakatos


Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we consider unique or outstanding at the design fair. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects. Sándor Lakatos showed up for the first time at the WAMP last October, after that, he left the country for a longer period. Now he’s back and as the designer of the month in August’s designer fair he is giving us some insight into his newest collection. About which he only mentioned the following: it’s going to be incredible! Note, the collection is only for men!


Brand and bio

Sándor Lakatos under the brand name Sándor lakatos designs extravagant but clean cuts for men. He learnt the basics at school and in their family tailoring shop, but basically he is autodidact: „ My curiosity and interest always brought me further. While there’s much less choice from menswear, I find this line more exciting. “


On the road

Japan contacted him about some interviews, and not much later his works were presented in a hard-covered fashion book. Articles were written about him in New York, and he gave many interviews to international magazines, and online papers as well.  He’s going to Paris in September, where he is holding a fashion show with more Hungarian designers organized by the Buro pr-company. Anyway he keeps twinkling on the west.



Vivienne Westwood

Quotes from him:

"What I love the best in my job is the freedom of creativity, when I think of a new piece and can not wait to see it ready."


Quotes about him

His 2008 collection doesn’t drop your jaws off the cliff but is definitely refreshing and playful collection in menswear for awhile and worth a mention. The androgyny style is almost more masculine than feminine but has some strange play and twist. Something which brings your mind the clothes Buck Rogers used back in 1929. You can also imagine his collection to be on MTV-channel in every other British-pop video and boy does that model remind us very closely about Brett Andersson. Just a co-incidence? more info here


The best feeling when I saw my clients’ face, that they feel great and unique in the outfit. I receive letters every day from all over the world, that they saw my works and how much they love them.



When he is not designing, he can be found on the playground with his two and a half, and his half year old children.