Designer of the month in July: PUcc


Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we consider unique or outstanding at the design fair. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.
In July, Pucc Sweetwear Design is being presented with the WAMP designer of the Month Award. This is a brand that produces clothes, accessories and lovely small figures, all in candy colors, made from viscous, cotton, elastic, striped, dotted or checkered materials.

Clothes and creatures in candy colors or black-and-white, in funny shapes and fancy details - all crafted lovingly one by one.

PUcc is a short, striking, ambiguous, playful brand name behind which you can find clothes, accessories and tiny, lovely creatures often in colors of gumdrops. Their materials are viscose, cotton, elastic, knotted, woven, striped, dotted, and checked. Their design at first glance seems quite simple, but looking them closely you can always find something trick or characteristic decoration in them.


PUcc-clothes are usually casual, street wears, but in these days more and more girly, sophisticated piece leaves the workshop, and sometimes you can also find men’s wear inside the offer.

The main aspects of design in these products are naturally comfort, craft and humor!

Almost all of the clothes contain something funny, like salad frills, cherry-laces, in-built penguins or gorillas with zip-fastened mouths. Besides the different kinds of accessories – pillows, cameras- and iPod-cases – the PUcc baby collection is on its way.



The first PUcc-creatures were born from the rest material in the workshop, „at first they were made for indoor usage, but it was then such a success, that they could not be taken usuriously any more”.
Since than there are more and more koala rabbits, cube-shaped teddy bears, squint-eyed ninjas and a frilly woman collection at the fair.

Moreover, they appear on accessories and clothes as well.


PUcc was established in 2002, inside two adjacent dorm-rooms of the University of Art and Design. The members of this four-member company – Zsuzsi Heim, Melinda Szentpétery, Eszter Szűcs and Ildi Kiss- obtained textile, leather and designing specialization. After university and besides their everyday work they continued designing together.  By today the team has dispersed, two of them are at home with their little children. Currently the creative work is made by Zsuzsi, who for example studied fashion designing under Vivienne Westwood’s hands in Berlin, Melinda smoothes the road of the trademark from abroad.


Ars poetica
„ Every PUcc-piece has its own personality and history. That is why you can easily fall in love with them.”


Quotes about the creatures
„The PUcc Sweetwear Design’s tiny animals not only slick into hands, but also feels good to look at them. The colorful, soft, smiling creatures are the favorites of small and big ones as well.„ Nők Lapja Café


Worldwide: Issey Miyake. Jil Sander
WAMP: Solymosi Bori


PUcc creates non-seasonal collections. They rather group their newer and newer pieces around different topics. The topic of an inspiration could come from anywhere, from such everyday experiences like nature, architecture, an exhibition, a book or a good conversation. 

Personal contact with the customers means a lot in PUcc’s life. „It’s great to meet the recurrent ones, get to know new ones, have a chat with them and see what kind of joy can the acquisition of a PUcc-piece cause. From these encounters new ideas and individual orders are born many times.


They planned and created characters and creatures to commercials.


Audience prize of the iPod-case application announced by Apple Hungary and Arc


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